trauma sensitive yoga

The practice of trauma sensitive yoga serves to support and restore a loving connection to self. Sessions take a gentle approach to tapping into the body to restore a sense of safety, trust and personal power.  


Mindful movements, gentle breath awareness, and curiosity collaborate to strengthen our awareness of what is happening within the body - right here, right now. As a result, we may find a deeper capacity for tending to our needs with compassion and kindness. 

I am passionate about working with folks on their healing journey both individually and in group settings. Sessions are designed to be complimentary of individual therapy as a means to deepen the work, or a resource for your team to address burnout and overwhelm on the job. ​

If you, your agency or a client of yours might benefit from this practice, please reach out to discuss scheduling and rates!


Sessions are currently being held virtually or outdoors. 

Cameron Clark Wellness

Nashville, Tennessee