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silent yin yoga - 4 week series

Thursday October 29 - Thursday November 19

6:30-8:00 pm 

Join Cameron and Mindful Nashville for four consecutive weeks of Silent Yin Yoga. Our weekly practice will open with breath work and a guided meditation, followed by a series of yin postures that will leave you feeling revitalized, balanced and restored. The practice will be silent in nature, meaning once we have safely travelled into our yin yoga shapes we will settle into collective silence for 3-8 minute holds. Each posture will serve as its own mini meditation. This mindful practice will create space to pause and relax with whatever arises. With gentle acceptance there comes opportunity for freedom, to let go of the defenses that hide our true nature.

Each week will focus on the various physical and emotional qualities of the elements based in Taoist theory of energy and qi (chee).

Week 1: Wood
Week 2: Fire
Week 3: Earth & Metal
Week 4: Water

All are welcome! If you’re new to yin yoga or yoga in general, no worries! There will be a brief discussion about yin yoga and how to safely care for your body and mind through the practice at the beginning of each week’s session.

trauma sensitivity in yoga

Steadfast & True Yoga


Three day teacher training intensive with Cameron Clark and Allie King at Steadfast & True Yoga in Nashville, TN.

Through lecture, self-inquiry, group discussion, practice teaching, and the latest advances in neurobiology, we will investigate trauma theories, trauma informed yoga, and body-based healing. After completion of this training you will feel empowered to offer trauma informed yoga classes to a variety of populations. If you work in a related profession, but are not a yoga teacher, this training will support you in your own self-regulation, and offer you tools you can use with patients and clients.


resiliency groups 

Resiliency Ranch Counseling

Upcoming dates TBD 

Resiliency groups at Resiliency Ranch Counseling incorporate time with horses, trauma sensitive yoga, nutrition, experiential art therapy, distress management, psycho-education, coping skills, mindfulness and more! 

Learn more here.

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Yin Yoga for the Autumn Equinox 
On Zoom with Mindful Nashville 

The Autumn Equinox is just around the corner, bringing with it cool weather, gusty winds and warm colors. This transition of seasons signifies a shift in the balance between light and dark, inviting us to assess the presence of balance in our own lives. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this season is representative of letting go and softening our grip on that which is no longer serving us. Yin yoga is a wonderful way to support yourself in the process of doing so, as it encourages us to turn inward kindly, welcome spaciousness and restore our bodies, minds and hearts.

To honor this transition we invite you to join Cameron and the Mindful Nashville community for a special 90-minute yin practice to welcome Autumn. The practice will be balanced for this special time, with an emphasis on the nourishment of both the Stomach/Spleen meridian pair associated in Traditional Chinese Medicine with late summer and the Lung/Large Intestine meridian pair associated with autumn.

The practice will be held virtually. All are welcome!

Cameron Clark Wellness

Nashville, Tennessee